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Hugs From Friends is a not-for-profit organization encouraging children in the United States to create artwork to show support for Ukrainian children and families that have been impacted by the war. 


What We Do

Collaborate with individuals, schools, businesses, community organizations and individuals throughout the United States.

Send the artwork to schools and community organizations in Ukraine.

Empower kids to use their creativity to directly help kids and families impacted by the war.

Encourage our partners to have conversations with their students about Ukraine, the war and why supporting Ukraine is important to the United States.

Share the stories from our partners in Poland and Ukraine in the U.S. community.

Our Story 


Hugs From Friends, is an all-volunteer initiative, started by Trevor Dane, after his experience volunteering with World Central Kitchen and visiting the Humanitarian Aid Center in Przemysl, Poland. 

Being in a refugee center is very powerful and invokes many emotions. You truly see the human toll of war first hand. What surprised Trevor the most was the children’s artwork that covered the walls of the building. Some of the artwork was created by children in the Center but other artwork came from kids from different countries. The art was a visible sign of support, solidarity and friendship to the Ukrainian people. Unfortunately, Trevor didn’t see many pieces of art that looked like it came from kids in the United States, so he wanted to do something about that.


Board of Directors

Accomplishments to Date

Sent 680 Pieces of Art to Ukraine

Sent 20 packages of art to schools and community organizations across Ukraine

28 Partners in the U.S.

Received artwork from schools, places of worship, museums, and businesses

Awareness in the NWA Community

Participated in 19 events in the NWA community to drive awareness about the war in Ukraine, including NWA Love Project and International Festival at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks.

Fundraiser for Novyi Bykiv school in Chernihiv

Helped school purchase a new larger printer, two tablets, paper and ink

2023 Ukrainian Independence Day at Crystal Bridges Museum

Shared and celebrated the power of art at “Exploring the Power of Art on Ukrainian Independence Day” evening program.

NWA 4 Ukraine: An Evening of Peace, Love & Support

Partnered with the Arkansas Arts Academy in Rogers to organize a community-wide event on the one-year anniversary of the war to raise awareness about the war and create student-to-student relationship in Chernihiv.

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